My kid is 7 now, he doesn’t talk much and he doesn’t listen to me either. H always runs in circles by himself and does not play with other kids. He has a doll that he often plays with and if we take it away from him he would cry out loud. He also can’t make eye contact with other people. I used to think these were symptoms for Growth Retardation, and he was diagnosed with Autism. He likes to hide in corners and be with himself. Up until now, I still don’t know what to do with him and this really really bothers me. I don’t know what to do next… Anyone got any ideas? Please helpppp :(

My 20 y/o son was diagnosed with autism when he was 4. He used to bump his head a lot and pouring water continuously from one cup into another. We didn’t care much when he was younger but after a few years he seems to stay at where he was, but then a friend recommended us a professional autism expertise. With her treatment, he can now talk to me and go out for work!!! I am very happy to share with you her account, you can track her down on Fb: Elizabeth Taylor (asd)

  • SuperBeavers1 : .9 days ago

    Yes, our kids have the similar situation. He barely talks and looks like believing that the whole world orbits around him. I am really worried that he would have some extreme behaviours and hurt himself. This is real challenging and I am deeply worried about him everyday. I can hardly cope with all these and I think I’m getting a depression myself.

Yesterday I brought my kid to the doctors. He has no facial expressions and keep playing with the same lego block. We didn’t take it seriously a few years back and thought he would out grow these, but until this year with the doctor’s check up and told us that it was autism. I have searched for many schools and they were all very far away from our house, and it may not even work out. It would cost us a fortune to travel to school everyday, and we don’t know if we should send him in to a school.

  • Averlogue 9 days ago

    I have took my kid to a very famous school before for 2 years but he has not changed a bit. It really bothered me. A few months ago I was looking through facebook and I found many hints for Autism, also by Professor Taylor . Elizabeth Taylor (asd) Now my kid could go to school just like other kids!

Hi SuperBeavers1, How’s your kid now? And how did Prof. Taylorhelp you exactly? If it’s useful I think I would try to contact her as well.

  • Averlogue: 9 days ago

    My boy is also cured by this professor. There are also many posts on things to notice for Autism on fb as well.

  • SuperBeavers1 : 9 days ago

    Ms Taylor is very professional indeed, she has told me with many questions that I didn’t seem to notice before. I feel so much more assured now

It’s very very important to take note of the children’s health, especially during the golden years of 2-10 years old, it’s extremely important for Autism treatment. Neglecting this may cause some deeper and profound impact for the child’s future, affecting their academic, social life and career. At this highly important stage, parents must be more alert and take initiatives.

  • SuperBeavers1 : 9 days ago

    I’m worried about late intervention. She’s 7 now and if this keep on she would be more introverted and inferior and always being and outsider in groups. I can’t take care of her forever and I can’t gamble with her future. I have to solve these problems now and prevent it from developing into a bigger challenge.

My baby is also having autism and he’s 6 years old now. He doesn’t look at me and he can’t recognise anyone. Now he’s over 10 and he’s still behaving like this. He cries all day and it breaks my heart He doesn’t sleep properly as well and he always play with his fingers

My child was diagnosed with autism when she was 4 and we didn’t intervene at that stage. Now she’s 30 and she couldn’t go out to the society and work. She stays as home and I’m still looking after her…

My sister’s child has had autism for 10 years. She likes to look at the lights and if we turned the lights off she would be manic and scream. She doesn’t respond to others as well and she can only say one word each time. This is really a lifelong challenge

  • SuperBeavers1 : 9 days ago

    That’s too bad, I think you could try to contact . Elizabeth Taylor (asd) on facebook,that’s way too serious.

  • TheTrollTrolololReplySuperBeavers1 : 9 days ago

    Thank you SuperBeaver1!!! I added her on facebook and realised we have made too many mistakes! Now it’s working well and I bet she could overcome this

Has anyone tried the Medicine Treatment? Does it work? Anybody knows?

  • lulu-isaisa: 9 days ago

    My baby tried that before and it was absolutely useless with side effects. She had nose bleed all the time and it scared the crap out of me. We stopped immediately

Medicine is really not a good way coz it brings very serious side effects and consequences. I think you should intervene asap. The sooner it gets cured the better you would feel as well. We are having a good progress now under the professor’s advice, he’s just like any other kids now

  • SuperBeavers1 : 9 days ago

    Medicine is not a good idea… they are poisonous in their own way, if it has caused any side effects to the kids it would be very serious

My girl doesn’t listen to my instructions and she doesn’t react to her own name. She could play by herself for hours and she has no eye contact. She’s only 3 and she’s diagnosed with autism now. We are intervening with the Prof.Taylor’ advice

  • Averlogue: 9 days ago

    Yes, the professor has designed a treatment plan for us. It’s the most effective way for my girl now, I’m really glad about it

It’s unfortunate for all of us to face this but we gotta face it positively and no whining because it would be bad for the kids. Seek for professional help while the kids are still little, most of the problems could still be solved. Everything will work out

  • SuperBeavers1 : 9 days ago

    That’s so true, when God closes a door, he always opens a window. It’s impossible for kids’ to grow without any bumps. Ms Taylor has got a lot of tips and knowledge for Autism and it’s been a great help to me.

My brother is also having autism, he’s always in bad mood and he likes to lie under the desk and kick it. He doesn’t hear us talking and likes to chew on his clothes and doesn’t let go. We are all very worried about him

  • redditpest : .9 days ago

    You should contact Prof. Davis soon and you can ask her about your situation:Elizabeth Taylor (asd) . The seriousness of Autism can vary based on different people. Let her analyse your brother’s situation. Each child has different symptoms and she could help you based on your situation.

Since young she has been staring at an object, and if we took it away she would scream and would refuse to go to sleep. There are no eye contacts and she was only diagnosed until 10 yo. I suffered for many years. I deeply appreciate Ms Taylor for her help and she’s getting better each day.

  • TheTrollTrololol: .9 days ago

    Yeah, she was very profession. It’s a longterm job for Autism intervention. The parents must keep a positive attitude and be very patient with the kids. The intervention training from Ms Taylor brought significant improvements to us.

  • nearthesolarsystem : 9 days ago

    I’m also following the professor’s treatment and my son is improving fast. I’m just really glad that we found her in time, or else he life would be ruined by autism

My boy loves to play with wheels and he would bump his head on the table while eating. If we tried to stop him he would be furious. He only eat meat and he would also curse, other times he would be playing with wheels and he never look at us. He only likes one shirt and he would also tear it. He doesn’t allow us to change his clothes and he’s always wearing the same piece, it’s awful. I’m gonna get in touch with Ms Taylor right now! Thank you so much for this post, it’s been helping so many people.

  • SuperBeavers1 : .9 days ago

    I didn’t expect this post to be so popular and there’s so many ppl participating. I’m really glad glad that it’s helping other parents. We all share a common experience and we know each other’s feelings. Elizabeth Taylor (asd) has been a great help to me with her professional advice on Facebook. My boy can now listen to instructions and he could also play with other kids. I’m really regretting not posting this earlier. We should all have faith and follow professional advice and treatment!。